Loans for your business in just 24 hours

If you need money immediately, for example for small businesses, we will explain the best options for US Loans that you have at your fingertips. In particular, we will now explain in detail the ins and outs of the commercial loan and the cash advance, two of the fastest credit figures currently used.

First of all, we are going to present the benefits of the so-called commercial loan. It is a legal business used by business owners, companies and companies of all kinds to obtain liquidity for your business or keep it up in times of crisis. These loans can not be used for personal purposes, since they are exclusively directed to meet the needs of the business. There are mainly two types: those who are insured by mortgage and those who are not.

The main difference between the two is that in the former, a specific asset is used as a guarantee of payment, which, in case of default, will be auctioned to meet the return of the same. These commercial loans can be used as a line of credit on a regular basis, proceeding to return them in small installments affordable for the entrepreneur.

With regard to the amortization time, it will depend in a good way on the amount of money that is lent, but the usual thing is that in no case will the amortization period exceed 30 years. It is advisable to request small amounts, that is, just the money that is needed and if, in the future, more liquidity is needed, the commercial loan will be requested again.

To apply for this kind of loans for small businesses, the ideal is to turn to private lenders with experience, solvency and that give you maximum confidence, or resort to credit institutions.

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Then we have another option that can also be used at a certain time. We are talking about operations known as cash advances. It is a banking operation that can be done almost anywhere and anytime. To carry it out it is only necessary to have a credit card and go to an ATM. It is ideal to obtain cash that can be used to cover any unforeseen payment at any given time.

In addition, it is an operation that can be performed both within the country and abroad if we are traveling. It is not by chance that it is one of the most used credit banking operations by clients of all kinds, it is also known as quick loans.

In this case, we are faced with an operation that is accessible both for entrepreneurs and individuals, although the truth is that because the limits imposed on the cards are not very high, it is usual to resort to these credits to make mainly purchases or pay business meals.

Unlike commercial loans, cash advances is a credit operation for which no prior processing is required. And is that the commercial loan is often a credit operation that requires greater bureaucracy and paperwork, especially if it is backed by a mortgage, in which case you must also visit a notary or notary public.

To repay the advance money in cash, it is usual for the card issuer to proceed to the monthly charge of a small amount of money together with their corresponding interest until the debt is paid.

We are dealing with a banking operation that is used, as we have previously indicated, for spending small amounts of money. In the event that the credit is insufficient, it is always possible to negotiate with the credit institution an increase in the limit that will depend to a large extent on your economic possibilities, assets, bank accounts, etc.

If you want to know more about the variables that you have as an entrepreneur when it comes to obtaining liquidity, you just have to contact us. We are true experts in the matter and we will advise you the quick loans that more and better suits your needs.

We are specialized in advising businessmen and thanks to our help many companies around the world have been able to cope successfully with their economic difficulties. And we are experts in loans for small businesses. For more information just register here or call our contact phone, we will assist you in a personalized way at 305-749-5299.

As you can see we are true specialists in the field. We work every day with loans for USA business . The quality of the service, the personalized advice to our clients and the management of first level financial products are our specialties. If you need money urgently you will not find a better service than ours.

Why is it good to finance your business?

Why is it good to finance your business?

Opening a business can be difficult. One of the factors that most frightens employers is financing. Debt is always an obstacle for entrepreneurs. However, asking for a loan has many benefits. Whether with business credit, government loans for businesses or some other type of financing, there are very good reasons why an entrepreneur should request a loan to finance their business.

Good for the Economy:

Opening a business is good for the economy. Create new businesses and encourage consumption. If you are able to finance your business, you can help by strengthening the economy by financing your business. Of course you should do an analysis of the benefits versus the costs of asking for a loan before making the decision, and better if you have professional advice. (5 Tips when looking for money loans for a business).

Help others:

Financing a business allows you to help others in many ways, such as providing business, supporting foundations and helping projects and events of local communities. Owners of small businesses are the foundation of any community.

Balance for life

Help yourself to find the balance and freedom in life that you have always wanted. Starting a business requires a lot of work, but it is work that depends on you. You decide how much to work or not. You decide how much time you spend on your business and how much time you invest in your family. Balancing these two factors is sometimes complicated but not impossible.

When it comes to financial help for your business, Prestamos USA is your perfect ally. We are your personalized consultants looking for the best loan for your business. With our large network of allied lenders, there will always be a loan indicated for you.

3 Quick money options

3 Quick money options

Previously we saw some advice when requesting loans for business, this time we will see 3 options when requesting a quick loan. Quick loans are an alternative financing practice we need to get liquidity as soon as possible. Among the advantages of quick loans is that they are processed and granted in a few minutes thanks to the flexibility of their requirements and the little paperwork that needs to be presented.

Fast loans are one of the most requested products lately in financial institutions due to their ease of application and speed with which they are delivered. The percentage of approval is very high thanks to the fact that no payroll or endorsement is required and neither is it necessary to change banks or to take a certain term as a client of the entity. However there are certain advantages and benefits that the old clients of the entities have, since the client’s history increases the confidence for the loan as well as the number of loans granted.

Some entrepreneurs need money quickly for their company. Emergencies occur, unexpected expenses occur many times in the history of entrepreneurs. You need a B plan if you need money urgently for your business. For this there are several options for quick loans such as a credit card, a line of credit or other options that we will extend below.

Credit cards

Credit cards

A small business credit card can be an excellent B plan if it is handled in the right way, but only if you already have one in your company. The key is to take the time to do research and analysis and determine which credit card has the best benefits, according to the needs of the company.

Credit line:

This is another B plan that you should consider as a quick money option. It works like a credit card basically but with more stringent requirements. A line of credit can be accessed by check or credit card, and generally has better rates and terms than a credit card but has no prizes.

Advance in commercial cash:


Another alternative for quick business loans is the cash advance. If your company accepts credit card payments from customers, you can access a commercial cash advance. This option may be necessary if you still do not have a credit card or a line of credit. The money can be in your account in 48 hours in some cases. This is an advance of future sales of credit cards and is paid as a percentage of daily sales. Usually the interest rate is high (30-40%). But repayment terms are flexible, with payments made monthly, weekly or even daily.

These are the main benefits of a Cash Advance:

  • High approval rating
  • No hidden fees
  • There are no fixed fees, nor monthly payments
  • Does not need personal guarantee or collateral
  • The application process is easy and requires little paperwork
  • Approval in less than 24 hours and disbursement in up to 48 hours, if you are already a client you will receive your disbursement in less than 24 hours.
  • You can use cash for any business need
  • You do not have to worry about issuing monthly checks